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please pray for me

by Tabatha C. Tabatha C. (New) New

Hi there. I am senior in high school and i am doing a project in nursing. I would really love for people to pray for me while i am doing my shadowing hours that i can get the info that i need and also pray for my final grade that everything goes well. Im really excited to get started on this. I think that nurses need to have some kind of spiritual life. How can you not go through a day and not pray about anything.

Looks like you have a wonderful start, especially if you have been reading info on this site.

Another good source is NURSING 2004 magazine.

There are lots of online sources also.

It is wonderful that you are looking to God for

support. There are a lot of nurses who are also

spiritual and believe in approaching nursing from that


God bless you and know that there are people

praying for you....people you do not even know.


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Here's a prayer coming your way. 17_1_10.gif

Good Luck on the project!

Let us know how it went. ;)

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