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Hey guys,

I am not doing very good on Nursing physical assessment and health assessment. I am very nerdy when it comes to my books and so I am always studying but somehow when it is time to take the test I feel confident that I have chosen the correct answer, only to find out that the answers are wrong. what more can I do? I need some advice here, I am very frustrated and my self-confidence is hitting the floor. I am doing great in the others but this course is driving me crazy! :angryfire .

I like the contents of the course and have learned a lot but I just cannot figure out where I am going wrong. Please help me.

Thanks for your prayers :uhoh3:



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it sounds like you just need to brush up on your test taking skills. My husband has major test anxiety and always makes silly mistakes because of it. Do you take a lot of time on each question? Do you rush through the test really fast? Doing either of these can cause you to pick the wrong answer or second guess yourself. If the question is multiple choice, read the question, then try and visualize the answer before you look at your choices. Then look at your choices and see if what you thought was there is there. Read each answer carefully, as one or two words can make a difference. Also, I don't know how your test answers are, but on the tests in my rad tech program, all of the answers could be correct, but you had to pick the one that was best or most correct. These can be totally frustrating, but you can look for clues in the answer. Words like "always, never, or except" can be triggers.

I hope I haven't confused you even more. Maybe someone else will have some test taking strategies.


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Just want you to know I will send up a prayer for you as you requested. I wish you the best in nursing. Just do your best...that's all any of us can do. As the saying goes..."Good Better Best...Never Let It Rest...Until Your Good Is Better...And Your Better Best!" :kiss

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