Please do listen to my plan and advice. I will be eternally gratefull


Hi, My name is Raj.

I am 21 and am currently in my fourth year of medical school in Malaysia. I have this dream to live in New York City or the United States since i was a small boy, but the way things are going right now it seems highly unlikely :crying2: so I came up with this plan.

After I graduate from medical school on January 2011, i want to go to NYC and do a short nursing course, one of those accelerated nursing programs since i have already studied many subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology etc. The reason why i wanted to do nursing instead of just sitting for my USMLE and become a doctor there is because USMLEs are hard for Malaysian graduates. I have also like a 40K dollar loan on my medschool bills, so i am hoping to do a cheap course that is not burdensome for me in the future. It doesnt even have to be nursing. Just any job within health care that recognizes part of my degree that allows me to work in New York is fine. Preferably nursing.

After, the course, i plan to work as a nurse and live in New York for many years and in between, slowly study the USMLE and take the 3 papers somewhere while i work and become a doctor there later in life. :uhoh3:

But i have no idea how i can achieve this. Can anyone guide me. I will be eternally gratefull. :o



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here is a list of nursing schools in nyc.nys nursing - rns, lpns, nps

if you just want to work in the healthcare field you can start out as a certified nurse asssistant. you wont make much. they only make about 12.00 an hour to start in nyc. but its a good start while you pursue your nursing degree. you can take a four week course in ny and get certifed. some course you have to pay for, some are free. maybe you can contact one of the schools and speak to a counselor when you reach the u.s. they will try to giude you in the right direction. good luck.


have you looked into any schools as of yet? Do you know how long it would take to obtain a student visa? I know for a lot of schools (probably most unless you are on a full scholarship or two) you have to be able to document that you have the money to pay tuition, food, transportation, basically your living expenses. Do you have family here as of yet?

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I have moved your thread to the international forums as you are going to need to know about immigration and work / study visa issues.

Could I suggest you read some of the threads in this section, getting a Visa to work in the US is very difficult and I would imagine training to be a nurse in the US is going to be very expensive, especially if you already have a significant student debt.

There are members on the site who are far more informed about the immigration process than I am so hopefully one of them will be along in a bit to give you some advice,

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USMLE are hard on all doctors. And most medical schools graduates have close to $200K in loans so you are ahead of the game.

Are you American or have access to a green card otherwise you can not work in the USA.

Last accelerated BSN programs are usually in private colleges or universities and can run over $60K and there is no way you can work and go to school in these programs.

Best of Luck.

Thanks for the reply guys. Unfortunately, i have no one there to help me out, no visas nothing. All I want is to work in healthcare. 60K for the accelerated program is TOO MUCH for me. Cant i tranfer my credits from medschool to the colleges to reduce the tuition fee? Or else, if not nursing, what job can i look for with just the MBBS degree?

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