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Please help! Umass amherst or elms college?!?


I'm trying to decide on elms or umass amherst as well for their accelerated nursing program! I know elms is more expensive but I can't find the cost anywhere and I received a 16 grand scholarship to elms. I'm much closer to elms and it's probably more my

Style but I had my heart set on umass amherst. I'm having a hard time finding info on comparing the two. Can anyone help???

I would call the financial aid office of elms and see. $16K may be a drop in the bucket on what the entire year costs. Usually, they will have on the website "tuition and fees" and you can get some general idea.

If you took the MCAS in high school, state schools will give you a tuition scholarship. BUT tuition is the lower part of the total cost. What is the financial aid package they are giving you?

Do you currently work? If so, is there tuition reimbursement?

Good luck, and remember, private colleges (in Massachusetts anyways) are typically in the 30-40K a year range. State schools are that or less for the entire 4 years.

Do your federal aid financial stuff. And remember, your parents may not be able to get a parent plus loan that they can afford to do for a private college.