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I am currently in the process of applying to many nursing schools. I have really good grades, not that great but one school I went to I did horrible and when I say horrible I am talking about 3 D's 1 F & 2 Withdrawls. I was put on academic probation so I decided to move out of the state and move here where I currently reside. I started a little community college and ONLY transferred in the first colleges transcripts that I ever attended since I had a 3.4 GPA there and kept my grades up here at this school.

My question is do I have to send all 3 transcripts or can I just send the 2 transcripts where I did really good or even if I don't send it to them will they find out since there is a huge gap? Or should I just send it to them so they can see that I improved and that I'm not that person who was getting bad grades during that situation? Please help I honestly don't know what to do I am scared this will effect my chances of getting in especially since I finally got a position to be a canadiate at one of the schools I was hoping for.


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I was always told that you have to send all of your transcripts. Some of the applications for schools, I have noticed, it said that when you sign the application that you are being truthful about your history with schools (sorry, don't remember the exact wording). I wouldn't want to do anything that would jepordize my status at the school once I was in and then end up getting kicked out. Not saying that it would happen, I just rather be safe than sorry.


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Yeah, you are required to send in all transcripts, no matter how many bad grades or withdrawals.


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its one of the grey lines of academia. you really should send the transcripts because its your past history, but if you do it may change things. But you really have to send the transcripts. some schools will put a note in the file of a student saying things like (15 credits not accepted from students transfer school, or 9 credits accepted from such and such school. And if you plan to apply for financial aid and did so at the old school, then the school will probably see. thats the same as submitting a resume where you put one job you did really well at and just happened to leave off the 4 jobs that fired you for poor work.

On the other side, if i were applying to nursing schools with a 3.5 gpa and I didnt get accepted but some other person who after weighted total had a 2.9 gpa got in but had a 3.5 gpa on paper got in, i'd be pretty upset.


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I really would advise sending in all your transcripts. I have heard of people getting their acceptances revoked because they did not send in everything & the school finds this dishonest.


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For all the schools that I have applied to, it requires that we send in ALL of our transcripts. Not doing so would either disqualify us as applicants, or result in being rejected from your seat if you have been accepted provisionally.


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There is a way for them to know where you have attended college, and if they find out that you didn't send in all your transcripts your application will be dismissed either because it was deemed incomplete or because of dishonesty.

However, I was in a similar situation and had great grades at the current school but not so good grades at the previous school I attended for 1 semester. My nursing school had an area to make a personal statement, so I wrote about my situation and how I had grown from it and how I am more focused on my education now and that my new grades reflected that. It must have worked because I was accepted. So as long as your other grades are very good and you do very well on the entrance exams I am pretty sure that one of the schools you apply to will decide to give you a chance.