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i have no idea where to put this... so here it goes.

i am stuck in a lease agreement until July/august 2013. when i moved in 2012, all was dandy until 2-3 weeks after. i am 30 with no known allergies, until now. apparently, i have asthma too. i am reacting to something in the apartment. i was prescribed an inhaler (albuterol) last year and i am using it more often. my throat/trachea is starting to swell so i went to the clinic yesterday and was prescribed prednisone, by an ARNP.

the complex said they are going to clean the air ducts and the carpet, but i am not holding my breath. no pun intended.

do i see a pulmonologist? and/or allergist? i want to figure this out so i can take care of it myself. thanks in advance.

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I am so sorry you are experiencing these difficulties. My advice would be to follow up with an allergist but as per the Terms of Service......

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I am sending healing thoughts......thread closed.

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