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I live in westchester county new york. Have a felony dwi. I went through a program an now sober. I called nys license board and they said if I go to school and pass license test that then I would have to go for an substance abuse evaluation and if pass that they will license problem is I need to find a school that will accept me in their program to do my intership. Does anyone know any schools where I can go with a dwi felony?

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Finding a school is easy. Finding a school with clinical sites that will allow you to practice, not so much. Obtaining a license even after all of that? I would ask you to research your slim chances, before pressing on. Because even then, finding an employer, with millions of out of work nurses, and thousands more being imported daily? Right.


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The problem is the "felony" charge. If it is inside of 5 years, especially, you are looking at an uphill battle from pillar to post, my friend. Read all the threads on this forum regarding licensure with a criminal past and you will see what you are up against.

If you are having trouble even finding a school to take you (as a student you are the customer and they want your tuition), just imagine what the rest of the journey will be like.