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Please Help!!!!!


Hi! Im running out of my new grad tittle I graduated in May 2008, took kaplan and tested first time in August. Failed first time very sad and decided to do kaplan again for 3 months, finally three months later december 2008 took nclex Passed!!! started job search. I have put my resume AROUND....Im getting allot of Im sorry were looking for experienced nurses and not looking to train new grads right now. I even applied nursing homes and they want experience....Im soooo frustrated times ticking im forgetting things and I dont even know what I want anymore.

So I just had an interview with a dialysis clinic that went pretty well, I must say I got really scared taking a tour but she didnt want to take me in for the 6 month training until I really decide that dialysis nursing is for me.

I went home and thought about it and decided that it would be something to start with but then I went on the Specialty nursing forum and kept reading other nurses comments back to other people who were in the same boat i am and it was Dont GO for it as a new grad!!! Oh man what to do?????

I know med surge is important but I am not getting in anywhere and I need to get EXPERIENCE. Im starting to really get scared and I really love nursing.

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so we can give you good advice, can you give us some more info? For instance, the dialysis company name that you interviewed with (that would give us an idea of what kind and how much training they provide, and how much support they give new nurses and new grads in particular).

Yes, in general we advise new grads not to specialize too soon. However, everyone's situation is unique (and we have probably all known a few new grads who did well in dialysis right out of school. Usually, they got exceptional training and support). If you have had absolutely no other job offers, and been out of school for a year, you probably can't be too selective. And if this company is really offering you a 6-month training period does this mean, with a preceptor the whole time? What kind of support will you get, and when will you be on your own?), this would certainly be better than the typical "6-8 week training, then you're on your own" so many dialysis companies provide.

As I said, if you provide for details we can probably give you more useful advice. I certainly don't want to discourage you!

Best of luck to you,


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Get it in writing too lol. I was told 6 months and it wasnt 6weeks before I was charge. Fortunately I had other experience to back me. It takes a good year to be comfortable and I gaurantee you will still be asking questions and learning. Just keep in mind not to get "tunnel vision" and dont let anyone put your license on the line. JMO. If it turns out it isnt for you then at least you'll have some experience under your belt. Only thing is I'm trying to leave dialysis and since I've been out of the hospital area a few years even with my background I'm finding it difficult. This may be your answer while your looking for that niche. Really question who will be training you (Pct vs RN), also ask them thier turnover rate for employees and try to just drop in during thier pt turnover. You can find out alot just listening in the waiting room and observing when least expected. Maybe suggest that you shadow for a few days before you make a definite decision but like you a job is income and income is food on the table. It doesnt mean by accepting you cant keep looking at the same time. You never know you may end up loving it. Is there another major hospital that has internships (may require a drive) to at least get the experience. I drove 45miles one way when I first graduated just to get that CCU/ICU experience straight out of school and it was well worth it. Delana gave some excellent advice!

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