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Good morning family back on the horse but a lot more broke signed up yesterday for the cpne. I need help in wording the rational for Impaired physical mobility, do I start off with according to maslow hierarchy of needs or what? and what is a good short to the point rational?

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Check out page IV.I.4 in the study guide (evaluation phase) ... it gives a good example of how to word your rationale. In a nutshell, my formula for writing a rationale was stating that WHATEVER is a basic physiological need (you can say "according to Maslow's hierarchy" here if you wish), why WHATEVER is a basic physiological need, that not managing WHATEVER right now would lead to such-and-such a complication (I tried to provide two), potentially interfering with the patient's recovery, impeding their progress, negatively affecting functional status, and prolonging their hospital stay.

Something like, "Impaired physical mobility can lead to a decrease in circulation, impeding healing and tissue perfusion."

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