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I am a prenursing student and Eastern Michigan University and I am doing a paper on nursing and the internet. If any one can please tell me how the internet helps them in their profession I would really appreciate it.

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I get to come here and vent like a crazy woman, thus reducing my stress level so I don't just lose it at work. Does that count?;)

Seriously, it is an excellent place to collaborate with other nurses, to find research related to your practice, to become politically involved with nursing organizations and even tos earch for jobs.


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the internet is invaluable to nurses as well as students. not only is it a meeting place to vent and share information with other nurses but it is an excellent way to increase your education.

there are tons of sites out there that provide information on drugs, new procedures, skills, new technology, and jobs. there are anatomy and physiology sites, and online classes to hone your skills, such as reading strips.

in addition there are the political sites for each organization, such as the ana as well as the state wide ones. you can keep track of the different inservices and rallies offered to nurses and keep yourself up to date on new trends. you get to glimpse nursing globally, which increases your awareness of other countries and cultures.

its a great tool for the student because any bit of information they need is at the touch of the keyboard and there are practice sites for the nclex.

you can use a perfect example for your the internet helped you write it.


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I use the internet almost everyday, to read other nurses opinions and see how they are coping. (to remind myself I'm not in it alone)

To compare the situations nurses all over the world seem to find themselves in.

As a search engine to find topics I need more and up to date information on. (although I keep in mind not everything is TRUE)

To find where I can access articles I can not readily get in our tiny hospital library.

To keep in touch with nursing friends around the world.

For a joke or two to keep my patients and my co-workers in a happier frame of mind. (I try for a new one every day).

to assist me with making "new" policy. (why re-invent the wheel?)

Oh how did I ever manage without the Internet:confused:


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Hi from Europe,

I use the internet everyday.

Not just to have a chat with other nurses, but also tho check out new information about our job.

This is the easiest and quickest way to compare nursing around the world!

Take care, Renee

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