Please Help.....Suggestion for school to go to? Is PCC worth it?

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Sorry this is long.....

Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.:bow:

I'm currently attending Rio Hondo ADN program (started in June).

I also got accepted to PCC and CSULA Nursing program.

Right now, I'm facing the dilemma of staying at Rio, going to PCC or even going to CSULA for 3 years (I have a BA already).

Rio Hondo is close to my house, I got tuition waived and almost finish a 4-unit summer class right now.

PCC is 45-50 min away, I am requested to pay out-of-state tuition ($2000+):uhoh3: for the first semester, but it has a good reputation among So-Cali schools.

Does anyone know about PCC RN program? Is it worth the money and driving time?

Also, is their program more difficult than that at other CCs? Two of my friends got in but didn't like it (failed the first semester).

I have been seeking advice... a counselor and a clinical instructor told me that school doesn't matter once you pass the NCLEX.

Is that true employers/graduate schools don't prefer one CC over the other as long as you got a license/high GPA?

I believe that having a good education is important and I also plan to pursue a MSN later.

So I'm trying hard to make a good decision and hope I won't regret afterward.

Thanks a lot for reading this. Please, any opinion is helpful!:up:

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Magnet hospitals are hiring mostly BSNs and MSNs.


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I definately think you need to go where your heart/head are telling you to go. In the end an RN is an RN, we all take the same NCLEX test.

My hospital is a Magnet hospital and I have also heard recently that some hospitals are prefering BSN over ADN, but my manager hasn't been confirmed.

I am pursueing my ADN and plan to apply for a nurse extern position in March and then officially an RN position in September 2010.

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