Please help! Scared to start working as a nurse


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i guess that's how everyone feels at the start. it's part of the experience. But don't worry too much because for sure your co-workers and your supervisor won't leave you doing all the things without help at the start. Don't forget to read books and learn from others because knowing the right information/skills helps lessen the anxiety. Good luck and God bless! :)


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Fear is actually a good keeps your care safe and prevents mistakes. Embrace it. As you gain experience, you will also gain confidence, and this will help with how you're feeling. Remember that you will be provided with an extensive orientation process that will include working with an experienced nurse and having him/her watch over you. Ask questions, take notes, do self-evaluations at the end of each day, ask your mentor how they think you're doing, openly accept feedback, soak up as much as possible during your orientation, etc. Sometimes it also helps to know your learning style & tell the person you're orienting with how you learn best. You will do well!

Good luck! :)


Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement!!