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Please help! Need advice to pass lvn.

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I just graduated October 20,2012. I haven't taken my lvn exam yet. I need advice to pass my boards. Please! Any study material??

Thank you.

The only thing I used (and please keep in mind that everyone's different, but this worked for me), was this link:

Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version

which was posted in another thread, however that also happens to be my school, but apparently the link is making it's way around ;) I did the "review" mode with instant feedback......when I answer a question incorrectly it helps me to know why right then and there, I feel like I retain it. The only other thing I did was review chemistries, electrolytes, CBC, etc. norms and made sure I remembered (there are a few goofy videos on youtube with some ridiculous mnemonics (but hey, if it's memorable, that's all that matters), and reviewed abg's:

ABG Interpretation Quiz

The above site was VERY helpful for me in mastering abg's. I did not review meds, but should have. That was my weak point, I got quite a few med questions (maybe 8), and out of those 8 I knew 1 at best. Regardless of my med issues (which continues to be my weak point and I am taking nclex-rn on the 12th), I passed first try at 85 questions (although I left the test and texted my nursing school buddy and told her I failed, lolol, it felt like it at the time). So anyway......that's what worked for me. Good luck!!!

HI.. I just took my board and i passed.... i had abt 116 questions.... I

i used Kaplan, NCBSN( NCSBN Learning Extension . NCLEX preparation . Continuing Education for Nurses . Nursing Faculty Education).I paid abt $70. for a 5 wks acces to their practice questions .and the saunders PN book. all at the same time.

you have to create quality time to study. They all teach you the same topics that the state boards want , but ask you different topics , and this gives you multiple ideas as to how to deal with the topics.

The most impotant thing i noticed for me is that, You as an individual have to know it your stuff, and have a basic understanding of the topics. the Nclex is not a straight forward Exam. they want you to be able to understand the topics and pick an answer.

Dont be in a hurry to pick an answer.

Do a lot of test/practice questions and believe in your self

Finally, PRAY to God to help you concentrate while you study and on the day of the test.

The Exam in EASY if you know what you are doing.


Thanks guys. I appreciate it.