Please Help me :'( My 2nd attempt in NCLEX RN


Hi. This is my first time here in allnurses. Anyway, I find it so comforting reading the stories of those who successfully passed the dreaded NCLEX RN exam. I took my first Nclex Rn Exam last June 24, 2013 and unfortunately I failed. So I decided to pause for a while and just continue working as a CNA. By the way, I graduated BSN in the philippines last 2011 and been working as a CNA here in america for a year and a half). My co workers keep on pushing me to retake my exam. This time, it was such a relief that Hospital that I'm working will finance my review with kaplan, the ncsbn fee and re-examination fee. I know that kaplan wants us to aim at least 65% in all q trainers (60% for qt's 6 and 7). But it seems like it's so hard to aim that score. Although I finished my q bank with a score of 68%, still I'm struggling in the q trainers. I've read some thread here that pass the nclex with low scores in kaplan qt's and that gives me hope. But there's a lot too who have low scores and ended up failing. Anyway, my scores in kaplan qt's are the following.

Diagnostic Test: 54%

QT's 1: 59%

QT's 2: 51%

QT's 3: 54%

QT's 4: 51%

QT's 5: 53%

QT's 6: 54%

QT's 7: Will take it This Saturday

Readiness Test: 55%

I also answer La Charity's PDA and I score lower 70% and Higher 85%

Any advice? I appreciate all the help. Thank you. ^_^

Hi Reshiram2894! I grad 2010 and just took nclex last week and passed, in the beginning I tried to do question nd answer bt its been a while I felt like its confusing im not used to those lessons again and not so fresh unlike newly grad so I tried to review the basic again so I can relate easily I did that within 6-7weeks went over basic anatomy nd patho again then question nd answer everytime I encounter words that was unfamiliar I searched for it I remember the first question it was about anatomy and patho a neuro thing luckily I reviewed anatomy nd patho then followed by sata questions, I did a lot of questions about basic knowledge just to refresh.. luckily back then we were taught how to prioritize situation very well.. I used ncsbn, saunders 5th edition cd and kaplan book answering those and review anatomy and patho at the same time..


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I think you need to really look at why you're getting the questions wrong. Is it because you didn't understand what the question is saying or because you didn't understand the content behind the question? Those are two really different issues to go about studying for. If you aren't understanding what the questions are asking, then you need to work on carefully breaking down each question. I know when I was studying I would get questions wrong because it would ask which intervention would you NOT do and I would read it as which intervention you WOULD do. Anyway, my point is, you need to really figure out why you're getting questions wrong before you can go about fixing it.

If it's content related then take the time to look up the disease process/procedure for each question you missed it on. It's tedious, but you will really reinforce your knowledge/learn a lot. Plus, you can use that knowledge to use toward other questions. And always use your ABCs to prioritize. I got a TON of prioritization questions on my NCLEX and I wish I had practiced a few more of them.

Make sure you get a decent night's sleep and a good breakfast in before the test. And deep breaths - you can pass it!

*Edit: I forgot to add - someone I know was getting Kaplan scores around what you are and still passed. Concentrate on the questions and rationales and try not to get yourself too worked up about the %.


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I haven't taken the exam yet but I will on April. Didn't use Kaplan either but my friend did. Her scores were ranging from 50ish to 60ish and she passed after 76 questions. :) Also, scores won't matter as long as you learned from them. Read and understand each rationale even when you got it right. :) Be Confident. You got this. The fact that your coworkers are pushing you to take the test and your institution paid for your review that means you're good. They believe in you. :) Keep us posted. Good luck and God bless. :) I'm also from P.I and still in P.I. Lol. :D Keep your head up! :)


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@msygrnbw thanks for the advice. And yeah sometimes, that's how I read the question too and Sometimes I got too distracted with the distractors of the question. I wish I could get a lot of prioritization question than SATA lol. Prioritization is one of my strengths. And also I noticed that when I feel so stress already especially when I reached question 180 on a 200 qt's, I just play with the questions and just guess the answer coz my brain is so exhausted. I feel like my CSF is draining lol. And as far as content, yeah I guess I need to brush up a little bit of it. I used hurst for my content tho. Is that good for content? I wanted to use saunders, but saunders is too much for me. It's too thick and too detailed. Anyway, wooooow so you know someone who still passed Nclex with the same scores as mine? snap..... that gives me more hope. I hope I could get more advices here. Thank you so much :)


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@AngelAsherah Hi kababayan. Snap!!! Another post that gives me hope. Anyway, when in april are you taking your exam? :)