Please Help Me...I am moving to Texas as a CNA



i am looking into moving to texas with the love of my life in the next cupple of months.i am a cna of about 10 years with all sorts of experiance.ive done nursing home, home health, privete duty and assisted living with a focus on alzimers.we are thinking of moving to austin or san antonio.i need some help on:how to transfer my cna licence (do i haveto take a test, what do i need), what is the average pay for a cna...and anything else that would be helpful...i truely appreciate what ever information you can give me.this is a huge move for us.thanks!!!:sofahiderps i appologize for the


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This website to the Texas DADS should answer you question about transferring your CNA certificate. I am not familiar with CNA pay in Austin/San Antonio. About 5 years ago I made $8.50/hr as a CNA in DFW.

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