?Please Help i,am a male wanting to be a nurse ??

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Hi and thanks for seeing this , i,am 51 years old and have had a real desire to learn

the nurseing trade for many years . Now that my place of work has shut down after 15

years i have a chance to do it .I live in wis and i would like to take a 1 year LPN course??. But many people have told me it would be a wast of time as the world is

looking only for RN,S . I don,t have the time to school for 2 years only 1 .

Any replys and sugestions i would really appreceate..

Thank you so much , my heart is in it .


My name is Mark and I am an LPN working in a busy ER. I would say to go for it!!! If you are interested in Nursing as a career, the LPN is a good place to start. You can always work on your RN right out of LPN school while working as an LPN. I am finishing my RN at home through a program at Excelsior College (www.excelsior.edu). I also work 48 - 60 hours a week and have a family. Moving on here, the LPN program you are describing is most likely a vocational program as it is only one year long. this program will most likely give you plenty of hands on training as well as plenty of practical theory. Most associate degree RN programs take much more than 2 years because of prerequisites. The ADN programs in Arizona require 83 - 88 credit hours to obtain an associate's in nursing degree. I work with many RN's that went to school for FOUR years full time just to complete a 2 year degree!!! Believe me, you do not have time for a program like that. Secondly, the hands on training you'll receive is second to none. During clinicals, I would have BSN students ask me how to do procedures that I learned during the first 12 weeks of school, and they had been students for over a year!!!

Third, excluding nursing registries, LPN's make only a couple of dollars less an hour on average than their RN counterparts. But despite all the perks I have mentioned, DO NOT STOP AT AN LPN EDUCATION!!!! The really inspiring jobs are available at the RN level. So go for it!!!! And good luck!!!


if you are interested in the nursing profession. GO FOR IT! As a male nurse you will be appreciated and have alot of opportunities thrown your way. I am a LPN and have been for two years ,I have chosen to go back to school for my RN degree because of the pay difference and broaden my opportunities. I would not go so far as to say LPN's do not have alot of opportunities because we do, so do not worry about not being able to find work as a LPN. If you have only got a year to spare and you are not completely sure you will enjoy nursing, go get your LPN if you can do it in one year(the program i went through was 15 months). You have nothing to lose only experience to gain by it. If you decide you want to stay in nursing there are LPN-RN mobility programs. It is only taking me three semesters to complete my RN degree. So go for it and best of luck.


The Universe has given you a wonderful gift here - time and opportunity. Go for it. I can't imagine that there won't be jobs for LPNs for many years to come, perhaps forever. Once you're an LPN, you will have the option of being a career LPN or pursuing further formal education. I am an RN and work with LPN's all the time, sometimes they are in even more demand than RN's. With the escalating nurse shortage, I don't think you are going to have to worry about employment. My aunt got her LVN (LPN) when she was 52. Life experience works to your advantage in nursing as long as you are flexible. Lots of luck and best wishes.

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