Please help me know my chances of being admitted to a school and where I should apply


I recently got my bachelors degree but decided I wanted to go into nursing while still in school, I completed most of the requirements but my grades are not the best does anyone know where I should apply?

I got a B in chemistry

A in chemistry lab

B- in human physiology

C in physio lab

A in statistics

But I repeated anatomy twice I dropped with both and got two Ws, my grandmother passed away during that time and it was too much for me. I ended up getting a B the third time.

I have a 3.4 from the university where I graduated and a 3.2 something overall.

I still need to take nutrition, micro, and two more non science prerequisites that I think I can get all A's in. i don't mind where I go I would rather go to a private school because I know they are a bit less competitive but I know all schools are very competitive. Can someone who knows more please give me guidance I feel so lost. Thank you.

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"where should I apply"? I suppose anywhere you want to. No one on here can tell you your "chances" of getting in. Talk to someone at the school you want to attend and see if you meet the requirements to apply. If you do then you apply. I do not understand what you mean you "feel so lost". If you want to be a nurse you need to go out and do it. You are taking classes already so what is making you "feel so lost"? As far as the reasons you got Ws...don't mention it when you apply because it doesn't matter. Everyone has things going on in their lives and are still expected to perform at a high level.


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Are you bound to a certain geographical location? If so, start looking at schools in your area and do some research. Generally, staying in state or going to a community college is going to be the cheapest option. You need to ask schools what they consider for admission purposes and where the average accepted applicant falls in relation to those criteria. That will give you a good idea of your chances for admission.