Please Help me. I need info on VA greater Los Angeles.


Hello everyone, I will be graduating this December and I am thinking of applying to VA Los Angeles (near UCLA). Does anybody here have any information about that hospital? Is it a good/bad hospital? Are Nurses/patients happy over there? I'm sorry I am a little anxious, but I would appreciate any response. You can PM me if you want. Thank you very much :)


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First of all, it takes months to get hired there. There is a lot of paperwork to process. It just takes time because it is a government job. So don't get discouraged if the hiring process takes does for everyone! I was hired as a new grad, and I love my job at the VA. It does depend on where you go though.. and what you are willing to take on (just like any private sector hospital) I was lucky because I did an internship on the unit where I work, so I was familiar with the patient population and staff. What areas are you interested in? maybe I can give some insight once I know where you want to go... Let me know....

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Thanks. I am interested in Med surgical. I was interviewed and being offered a job in the third floor. What is your opinion about that floor? Are the nurses happy over there?

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i have some questions that i would rather ask privately. i don't have pm feature yet. i would appreciate it if you can contact me thru my email: (if that's okay with you). thanks

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I would never take my relatives or friends to the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles even if a loved one was having a heart attack in the parking lot!

I worked there for years and have never in my life experienced such unprofessional, ghetto, disrespectful behavior in my life. I would regularly have aids complain about me for the simple request of asking for orthostatic pressures. Some aids would flat out tell me no to a vital sign request. One LVN witnessed a patient fall and become unresponsive, but did not tell anyone cause she did not want to do the accompanying work/ paperwork that would result. Alot of the resident md's are from UCLA. I use to think UCLA was a good college until I worked with some resident md's from UCLA! Alot of them did not know up from down and lacked confidence. Patient rounds are regularly held in a open room on the unit where anyone and everyone (patients included) could come and listen to the patients requests and hear the treatment plan discussed. There were so many stories of wrong limbs being amputated. We had a patient who had their leg amputated in the OR and the md neglected to create a skin flap. So the poor individuals bone was sticking out and looked like someone hacked it off with a blunt ax. And I know of a doctor who discharged a suicidal patient with a bottle of opiates with which he later comitted suicide with. That one was on the news. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE place.


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What a nightmare!

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