Please help me..i am frustrated

U.S.A. Maryland


please help !!

this is an offical cry for help. i am so desperate at the moment. i have been looking for a job since i graduated and i have not found anything. i got done in dec 2009 and i moved to maryland to be with my husband.

all my friends back in TX have found jobs

im sooo frustrated , i have applied to every hospital in the baltimore area , i havent received one call back, i have called recruiters and left voicemails and still nothing.

please help me if you currently work in a hospital that is hiring please send me a message and recommend .

i dont know why the job market is sooo tight in these parts of the country gosh.

the end.:mad:

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Have you tried LTC? There are a ton of them here and while it might not be your dream job the pay is pretty good and the need for caring nurses is great.

please can you recommend one...i have called a few and they want experience

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Like I wrote via pm I'd definitely put on a suit and personally take your resume to places. It has been my experience the "are you hiring?" phone calls are rarely successful. It would be much better to stop by in person hopefully meet someone and make a good impression. There are so many LTCs in this area and I have heard good things about Genesis and Erikson. Good luck to everyone looking.

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