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Hi everyone! I am an Undergrad taking pre-reqs in an attempt to apply for an acclerated nursing program. I have to do a project to help me see if Nursing is truley the route for me. I am especially interested in Forensic Nursing, as well as Psychiatric. I currently hold a BS in Behavioral Science and think this route would allow me to utilize my current degree and BSN. I have a strong passion for psychology and the medical field. I would like to interview one more Nurse or have them answer a few quick questions for me via e-mail. I really think interviewing a Forensic Nurse would help make this a real learning experience.

Can anyone please help me with this? It will only take a few minutes and would help so much as I do not know any Nurses personally and the ones I called to try and set up an interview with were very rude. Very hard to find a Forensic Nurse, as well. :rolleyes: If so can you please respond to this post or PM me? If you cannot PM me yet please respond and I will post my e-mail address to send you the questions that I have. Thanks in advance! Mel


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Hi. Please help. The questions only require very short answers. I just need to get an idea what you do on a day to day basis. If you can take a few minutes to help me please reply to this post and then I will post my e-mail so that we can coorespond. Thanks again. Mel

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I don't have forensic experience yet but I just got my CFN through ACFEI. From what I have learned so far, the vast majority of nurses who work in forensics are in SANE programs. There seem to be very few other forensic programs or positions. I intend to pursue this but as a primary occupation you'd have to be blessed to find full time work. Tying nursing forensics with psych would be a winner. It would set you apart from other psych nurses, and perhaps allow you to work with a truly pathologic patient group. Forensic Nursing Science by Virginia Lynch is an amazing book that will show you the vast potential in forensic nursing.


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Thank you for the information!