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PLEASE HELP! ATI med surg retake

by astar35 astar35 (New) New


i would REALLY appreciate if somebody can tell me anything about ATI med-surg retake.

I failed my first try and i am retaking it next week. I am very nervous.

Was it the same test?

if you retook ATI med-surg, PLEASE contact me


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Nonyvole, BSN, RN

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It won't be the same test, but it will be similar.

Thank you for your reply.

I am sooo nervous. I am supposed to graduate in 6 weeks and really do not want to fail this test.

Do you have any suggestions how to study for the retake?

PLEASE, if you know anything about this retake test, contact me. i really want to be a nurse :-))

If you go into your results, you can see what areas you need to review. It will tell you which ATI books and chapters to go to for more information on that topic. Also in the "my results" section, there's a column for focused review. Click on 'create'. It will go through the topics / areas you missed. I don't know if you've utilized this feature before, but I think it might be a good place to start.

augurey thank you for the reply. I did focused review already. the problem is i missed Level 2 by one point. and now i am scared to miss by one point again..... I would really appreciate for any advise.