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Does anyone know the job description/performance standard of a Admission Nurse. This is a new position at the hospital I work and there was no thought put into this job before I took it. I need help to design one that will be acceptable to all involved. Thanks, Joan

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At our hospital this means "bed control". We are working on our 3rd nurse in 6 months now. No one will keep the position in our place because it is so stressful. It takes someone very familiar with bedding patients, keeping beds open for emergencies and finding beds that don't exist. This is in our hospital though. It may be different in yours.


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this sounds like it could be a very interesting position, and an opportunity for you to design something very important.


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Are you talking about "bed control" or a nurse who floats all over admitting patients? We've had nurses who admit patients then turn them over to a nurse. That worked out well for everyone except administration!


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Thanks for the replies....... I'm a nurse admitting patients to the medical floors and PCU. I also have a 6 bed unit that has never been open, when ED is in red. I need help in designing position. Thanks, Joan2


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Be careful when writing this job description. Be sure you are specific to the duties and responsibilities or you will open yourself up for administration to use you as they please. This position can easily be abused. Sit down and write a list of what you expect your duties to be and review with your immediate supervisor . He/She may be able to assist you. This can be a terrific position to have if it is utilized properly and how great for the staff to have you available.

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