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Please explain pax scores

Lyberum Lyberum (New) New

Hey everybody.

I just had my pre-nln test, I got the scores, but I don't really understand what they mean. I took the test at Hunter College.

My overall score is 151.

Then I have relative performance: 95% for verbal, 99% for Math, and 98% for science. Please can you explain what all these mean? Is this a good score?

Thank you so much!

If you read the report then you must be aware that it is a good score :thumbup:

Go to their website and read what it says about scoring, where other test takers usually fall, etc.

As a nursing student you will have to find out a lot of things for yourself - and with a score like yours you must be bright enough.

Good luck in nursing school.


Thank you.

So is there somebody less proficient in sarcasm but more efficient in giving a more accurate answer? Nobody is forced to answer. If you don't feel that your answer would help, just keep going, don't stop.

Thank you so much for understanding and help!

Hi there an overall score of 151 is very good, congrats! You want to check with the school for the requirements because every school is different. Good luck!

When they say that you are better than 99% of the applicants, who are the other applicants? Applicants in that year, all applicants over the time, applicants that took the test in the same day with you, etc...? Because I haven't really applied yet to a program so they can't compare you with that batch of students, who are the other students that my score is compared with?

I believe it's comparing you to people who have taken the test as well. I know some other tests compare your score to those who applied and got into AD and RN programs.