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Please critique my resume


All input is very appreciated.

First Name Last Name

xxx anywhere lane

city, state, zip

(000) 000 - 0000

Cant wait to get a nursing job@aol.com


Seeking an entry-level nursing position in an oncology unit within XXX Hospital. Strengths include:

- Demonstrates accountability for actions

- Effectively collaborates as member of team

- Commitment to providing outstanding care

- Excellent critical thinking skills

- Ability to provide safe care in complex environment


Diploma, XXX School of Nursing, City, State - June 2014

XXX University, City, State, start year-last year, completed XX credits towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Senior Practicum

Great Hospital, Oncology Unit - Spring 2014

- Completed 168 hours of clinical experience providing nursing care to patients with oncology and other challenges.

- Enthusiastically managed care for up to 6 patients under supervision of preceptor

- Maintained collaborative relationship with interdisciplinary team

- Exhibited good clinical judgment while providing care to diverse population of patients

Work Experience

Same Hospital that I am applying to, Environmental Services Aide - October 2012 - Present

- Clean all aspects of assigned areas to meet department standards in order to provide safe environment for patients and staff

- Inspect and ensure that all assigned areas are properly cleaned

- Make use of good time management skills to complete tasks in timely manner

- Help to orient new staff members

- Maintain professional and courteous demeanor when interacting with all patients, visitors, and employees throughout the hospital


- Basic Life Support

- Advanced Cardiac Life Support

- Advanced Stroke Life Support

Was not sure if I should keep the previous college work though I did not complete the degree. I read in certain places that you should but they were not nursing resumes. Background: I started working on a BSN then I had to quit school for a year and basically started all over again when I began my program. I thought that by including this it may show that I am interested in pursuing a BSN. All input is greatly appreciated. Thank you

I certainly do think your resume needs a bit more updating. I would recommend only adding completed degrees under the education section. I would include a section that labels your clinical experiences while at school.

Thanks for your response. What updating does it need? And I've read in countless threads not to add clinical experience so I'm confused about that.

Adding clinical experiences maybe beneficial if you don't have much healthcare experience. That is up to you. Are you bilingual? If so include that under skills and if you have been trained to use a specific EHR system, include that as well.

I totally agree with adding clinical experiences. I never worked in medical field until I got my first job as RN. So I added my clinical experience section after education in order to appeal my extended period of clinical experience (~750hrs) during nursing school.

Happy to say that I have received 3 job offers. Thanks everyone.

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Congratulations! I am happy for you and best wishes for your nursing career :)