Please come and sign a petition to lower the Nurse-to-Patient ratio.

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Have you tried sending it to the state associations of the states that border yours? Since their states nurses may be targetted by Nevada hospitals more heavily due to their close location, they may be willing to link your petition on their websites too, especailly once they know your state assoc is supporting it.


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In view of the problems occurring with the California staffing law & the hospitals there now saying the 1:6 can be any kind of nurse - not specifically 1 RN to 6 pts, & trying to fill those ratios & vacant RN positions with LPNs instead of RNs, it might be a good idea to make clear in the petition, from the start, that you are talking about REGISTERED NURSE staffing ratios - not "any-nurse" ratios.


Thank you for your advice, I will change the wording immediately! Don't know why I didn't think of it knowing the problems they are facing now.

Also, thanks for the advice on linking to neighboring state associations.

I am meeting with the NNA today to discuss direction.

All advice is welcomed! If anyone has ideas please keep them coming. This is great! I don't feel so alone in this mission.

Dianne Moore, RN

To all of you that wrote a testimonial of your own experiences with a high patient load:

I posted some of the testimonials on the website at:

If you do want your testimonial posted, please contact me at:

[email protected]

Thank you for all your support!

Nurse Nevada

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