Please advise how to resign in this situation.

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Hi I just moved and had been applying for nursing jobs for a week. I ended up being referred to Maxim home health, which was what I had been doing for couple years before the move. It was kinda like I was hired on the spot, I went in for an interview and they had me filled out and application, then told me that they will call to set up an orientation. They didn't make me an offer at this point, just said that the pay rate depended on the case (if pt has private insurance the pay would be more than medicare), usually about $19 to $22/hr . Orientation day came, it was a one-to-one orientation with the clinical director about rules and regulations, etc. Again, the director did not mention anything about what I would be paid. At this point it looked like I was already their employee because they took my picture and printed out my badge. They also give me an online workshops that I need to complete prior to working the first case. Again, I never received an offer letter. Then last week one of the recruiters emailed me about a case he wanted me to take... I finally asked about the pay rate, he then said the same thing that I was told before, only that his range is a lower $17-$20/hr.

Throughout the process with Maxim, I got a call from a dialysis place which I had applied prior to Maxim. I had an interview and got hired with this place. Their benefit package is great, and they offered me an acceptable pay rate.

Now this Maxim recruiter is again asking me if I would be interested in that case. I would like to send the clinical director and cc him that I accept a job with someone else, and I was very sorry for wasting their time. In my defense, I had no idea when exactly I was hired and how much I was going to get paid. I probably won't mention that part, but just wondering if anyone has any suggestion as how I should handle this.

Thank you in advance for any advice!!

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This is honestly not a big deal at all. Just thank them for the opportunity and inform them you have decided to pursue another opportunity at this time. Done.

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Don't worry about Maxim. The recruiter usually casts a wide net when looking to match people to cases. Unless their policy has changed recently, you don't need to formally resign. You can be on their inactive list and call them should your other job fall through or you are looking to pick up a few shifts as a second job for the extra money.

I agree with nursel56. This is not a big deal. Agencies keep a long list of potential staff, much more staff than they even have work for. You can put yourself on the inactive list and if something else comes up that looks interesting you can make yourself available.

On another note, Maxim is not a very good or reliable agency anyway. If you do accept a case make sure you nail down the salary before accepting.

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