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Ok everyone, I have kind of a *nerdy* question (which shouldn't surprise anyone cause I'm a big nerd). Up until this point I have never used a planner. After reading some of the responses to a post on supplies, and after a summer of complying with standards to have CPR done by this date, dosage calc exam by this date, orientation on these dates, etc., I'm beginning to see that maybe one could be beneficial. I sure can't remember all of this stuff.

My question is: what kind of planner do you have, do you like it, and where did you get it? I've been half-heartedly looking at some of the dept stores (eg Target, Walmart, etc.), and have found only the smaller-sized planners. I'd really like a big one (the size of a regular notebook at least) with room to write in it. I guess I'll be hitting up the office supply stores next.

Thanks for your help, I know its kind of a stupid question.

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Hi Rebecca,

I don't use a planner, really, but I do have a way that keeps me organized as far as dates go. In our syllabus, there is a calendar included with what information will be covered on what date. I take that calendar and make two copies of it -- one for my notebook and one for a bulletin board I have at home with ONLY nursing stuff on it (calendar, clinical rotation schedule, phone list, and a few pictures). On these calendars, I write in days that I have papers/projects due, days that I have a class officer meeting, study groups, etc. Even if your syllabus doesn't include a calendar, you can write in test dates and other important events on a calendar you could print off your computer, and not spend a great deal of money on it.

Just a suggestion, this is what works for me. Let us know what you come up with!

Kristin :)

I have 2. I have my Handspring Visor (palm pilot type) that is my first source. I also have a Dayrunner, that i love. It is very hard to keep everything straight. I have a bulletin board at home, but with so many classes in so many different locations, its too hard to keep track. Handsprings can be found at Staples, Circuit City, or an Ebay. Dayrunners are at walmart, and they do come in standard notebook size if that is what you are after.


My college has one they put out for students....5 bucks...it has all special events in it and stickers that you can put inside the planner for projects tests and so on....I love it!

My college has one they put out for students....5 bucks...it has all special events in it and stickers that you can put inside the planner for projects tests and so on....I love it!

That's a cool idea, that your school puts out a planner. Our school has a little pocket guide to the campus and it has special events and a calendar of days but its too small to be effective and too big to be convenient. One for the circular file, as they say.

How much do Handsprings run, Brandy?

I also have a bulletin board, but find it difficult to keep track of everything that way... with school, and working 32 hours a week in different departments and different hours, its hard to keep my head above water some days. I'm always forgetting something.

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I think the run right about 100.. and are expandable. Check out http://www.handspring.com for exact pricing. Palm Pilots are about the same, and you might check those out too

I have a Palm IIIxe. I can load family pictures on it and I have a lab reference program, PDR, ACLS primer (and quizer), growth chart program and it also comes with the standard notepad, to-do list and address book. Mine also can beam stuff to other handhelds (such as notes or programs). I also invested alittle more money and downloaded a MSWord converter and now my MSWord notes that I type for class are on my palm and can be read when I'm waiting at the doctors or riding in my carpool. Also I found a NIV New testament bible to load. I have some nursing palm links on my page.


It was priced around $200 but well worth it and sometimes they are cheaper when on sale. Palm makes models with less memory and some run as low as $89 (M100)

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