Plan to do LPN-RN bridge at BC. HELP!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I am a little confused and have a few questions. I am taking pre reqs at Broward College and am choosing to transfer to Mcfatter (or one of the partner schools) to become an LPN. I was wondering after I become a LPN, what classes will I need in order to get into the bridge program or do I not need any classes at all?? Also, is it easier to get into the program already being an LPN or is it better to just go straight to the generic?? Please help!! :uhoh3:

Usually, the classes you have to take before being accepted into the RN program or to either graduate with ur RN license is microbiology, nutrition (but that's for LPN), elementary statistics, speech, sociology, ENG 151, of course the advance nursing classes, well at least those are the requirements for my college

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