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Has anyone else applied here? I'm just wondering if it a good school


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Be very cautious.

The credits at PTI do NOT transfer to any traditional school, and any credits you may have do NOT count towards your program at PTI. Because it is a private business/"school" they do not have to meet the credit standards of traditional schools.

My (ex)husband went there for a year, as did his brother. While they both had a good experience with the classes themselves, as the teachers were good; it was quite expensive for the experience and because they did not finish their studies there, it was as it they wasted their time. They could not transfer their "credits" any where.


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Thank you for replying. But if I were to finish my class there would there be issues with me finding a job?

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Hi everyone! I am looking into nursing programs in the Pittsburgh area and wondering what anyone thought about PTI LPN or AS program in nursing? Does anyone know about the school's accreditation currently in process? This is one of the things holding me back from applying to this school as I may be moving after one year and I'd like to ensure that a LPN degree would transfer from this institution. Thanks!

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Hi currently at pti, will graduate in October and I plan on starting the transition lpn to rn program in January next year. That program is only 9months. The school is working on accreditation however approved by the state and has 100%pass on nclex


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PTI has a wonderful program. I am currently in the lpn to RN bridge program there and also completed my lpn degree there. They now have contracts with schools such as Duquesne and Laroche I believe in which your credits will transfer without any hassel. Good teachers, great support. I have about 6 months left and am loving it so far!


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All of the classes I ever took at PTI were able to transfer to a community college.


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Hi Im going to be starting at pti in october 2016. Can anyone who attened here tell me what there class scedule looked like. They told me its from 720 to 430. Im curious if that really is the case. I have gen ed classes done but not sciences. Any info would be great!


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Hi twinmom91, I just spoke with them last week because I'm looking into starting in July. Yes the class times are 720-430 Monday thru Fri.


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Yes that is what they told us. However she also said sometimes your clinical times are different. I really just would like to know another student that went theres scedule.


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Has anyone took the LPN entrance test for PTI can someone tell me how was it? Thank you