Pittsburgh Pay Rates?


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I am stopping travel nursing and heading to Pittsburgh PA in either june or sept.

What are the average pay rates with UPMC? What about AGH?

Do you know if anyone is paying any sign on bonuses or relocation assistance for someone with experience coming in from california?

Help! I'm trying to sort out what apartments I will be able to afford but don't have a ballpark figure for the income!!

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This changes from quarter to quarter, but UPMC has typically reserved any 'incentives' for new grads, traditionally from one of their four related nursing programs. You still might be able to negotiate relocation assistance, but I would be surprised. Try it anyway...I've been able to get relocation assistance from facilities that otherwise didn't advertise it.

Pay sucks.

AGH is union, but it really doesn't make the working conditions better.

But the tradeoff is that the cost of living in Pittsburgh is comparatively lower.

I encourage you to decide what kind of nursing you want to do, and then pick the facility that does it best. If you want to do burn...West Penn or Mercy, keeping in mind that West Penn does a great job with burns, but is not a trauma center; Mercy is both a Trauma center and a burn center.

If you want to do CTICU, you can pick from AGH, Shadyside, Mercy, Jefferson, or UPMC, but the highest acuity is at UPMC and AGH. Trauma? AGH, UPMC, or Mercy.

Something to consider with your ICU experience is a flight position; Western PA has one of the highest concentrations of medical helicopters in the US. Both AGH and the UPMC consortium operate competing flight programs, and over time it gets harder to find qualified ICU nurses. Of course, you would eventually be required to become a PHRN.

Good luck.


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Pay isn't good....around $42-46k

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