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How many units of pitocin are placed in a IV bag w/1000 LR? Is it 20units or 30units. When there is an IOL 30 units is used, is this correct? Thanks-


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The way we do it is there is 20u in a bag of 1000cc 2/3-1/3, but we also push 5u either after the delivery of the placenta or the baby's shoulders, depending on the doctor.

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We don't have IV's with normal deliveries. So we give Pit 10 units IM.

If we have an IV established, we give 10 units IVP.

Two nights ago, we had a pt. hemorrhage after delivery of the placenta . . . 10 units IVP now, then 10 Units in 1000 ml NS in the already established IV and then started a second line and 10 units in 1000 ml NS. Methergine was then given. Then off to surgery for a D & C.

But, it is always 10 units Pitocin either IM or IV.



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where we work, it's 20 units IM or in 1 liter of LR/IV.

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