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I had my pinning ceremony last night! It was a very beautiful and touching ceremony! There was slide show of each classmembers pictures(baby pictures, ect) playing in the beginning. As we were being pinned, a voice over that was prerecorded played.

I also won the clinician of the year award, which was really cool!

I hope all other seniors have a wonderful pinning and graduation!

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Sounds like a wonderful and sentimental ceremony. I wish our school would do something special for pinning. We get pinned after our test on Monday. I think this should be something very special for the students and their family as well since they most likely played a huge part in the student successfully completing the program.

Congratulations on your award!!

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Your ceremony sounds similar to ours. We have a slide show with pictues of us (whatever we wanted) with a voiceover of us saying thanks to loved ones. I chose a baby picture, a picture of my family at my brothers wedding, and a picture of my fiance and me. I'm sure I'll post all about itTuesday after the ceremony!

Anywho- Congrats! -Andrea


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Hi! Well your pinning ceremony sounds a lot like ours. We had ours last night and they played a slide show at the beginning. As we walked across the stage to be pinned they announced our name and read the message we had written for our families. It was really awesome and our president made a wonderful speech and cried the entire time. It was very memorable! Can you believe we are now graduate nurses??? :) WOW!! It still has not sunk in quite yet! Congratulations to all the new graduates!!! We finally did it!!! :)

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