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I am a newbie on the site but have been reading on here for over a year. I am just finishing up my co-reqs and have already applied to the MCC and am on the infamous wait list. However, I spoke with some one tonight who has been going to Chamberlain for her ADN and I got excited that maybe the extra money spent would be worth it to have my career sooner.

I just want to make sure that the way PMI is looked at on a resume is not the same as other online schools (I know PMI is not online, but it still has that private institution stigma). So, if any graduate could give me some insight on that. Also, I have two little girls that are 3 & under, and I want to know what the schedule would be like to see how I am supposed to swing childcare with that. aka what the days and hours are.

Any idea on what tuition would be like with all pre and co-reqs done?

Any info would be great. Thank you!


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Hello and welcome to the site.

I moved your thread to the AZ Nursing Programs Discussion forum. I think you will get more responses from some AZ folks here.

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I go to PMI and I am in their nursing program in Tucson, if you need help with anything let me know.


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