transition from adult med surg to picu, did I make the right decision?

  1. Hi everyone, I've been searching on here for someone with a similar situation but I can't seem to find anything. So a little backstory, I was a nurse for almost 2 years on an adult med surg step down unit and was mostly getting burned out. I didn't enjoy working anyone and just mostly stared at the clock praying for 730 every shift. Well I was given the opportunity to work in the PICU at a very prestigious Children's hospital by me and was so excited. Now I still have about 6 weeks left of orientation, but I feel so apprehensive. I think about my old job and how comfortable it was and the prospect of being on my own in the PICU terrifies me. My preceptors all say I'm doing fine and I'm making good progress and I feel okay most of the time. But it's when I get an admission or have to do something new I get totally nervous and I'm just so fearful of being on my own. I hope this makes sense. I guess I'm just hoping I made the right decision making the switch to peds critical care. I honestly love the kids and feel really rewarded leaving work most days. Idk I'm a worrywart and everything makes me nervous haha I second guess myself a lot and hope some of you have had these feelings before. Thanks
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You'd feel that way no matter where you've moved to. You went from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond, so of course you feel overwhelmed. But you'd still feel overwhelmed if you'd gone to any other unit out there, because nothing is familiar. If your preceptor and coworkers are telling you you're doing a good job, then you are... they won't blow sunshine up your skirt because their patients are just too fragile and important to exaggerate your competence just to make you feel better. And remember, just because your orientation comes to an end, it doesn't mean you're actually alone. There will always be someone nearby to guide you, to ask questions of and to offer a hand when you need it. You know those nurses you work with who make it all look so easy? They were just like you at some point, they survived and grew, and so will you.
  4. by   Cvepo
    You're having the new responsibility jitters. Keep moving forward. Don't look back, and absorb everything like a sponge. You will be fine
  5. by   A&OxNone
    PICU is hard. PICU is stressful. PICU is exhausting. Its okay - its not all terrible. Theres so much to learn that you can't feel comfortable within the time you are orientation. You just need to focus learning the basics that will help you keep you from making a mistake (common sedation dosages, actually checking 5 rights of meds, preventing pressure ulcers/Ventilator pneumonias/etc) and help you recognize and respond to an emergency. Otherwise, the diagnosis and medications and the other "stuff" will follow. Just realize that theres A LOT to learn and even after almost 2.5 years, I still don't know a lot. If you are humble about it, people will teach you and you will be fine. Good luck!
  6. by   vintage_RN
    Totally normal. I worked on a surgical floor for 3 years....I felt pretty confident in my job, had students, felt knowledgeable etc. Just recently transitioned to a large academic NICU....and basically felt like a new grad again. I still feel anxiety before I go into work. It will get better.