Rapid Assessment Teams

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    Does anyone use RAT teams at their respective facilities to prevent arrests? That seems to be all the rage with adult hospitals but I wondered if that is also the trend for pediatric hospitals as well. The team is usually composed of the ICU charge RN and a ICU resident/intern. Any RN in the hospital can call up to the ICU to ask for the team. No MD order is necessary. The team comes down to assess the patient to see if an ICU transfer is necessary and also to begin interventions. The number of arrests have decreased dramatically out on the wards following the implementation of this team.
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  3. by   JazzyRN
    yes i have seen it, called something different though in a few of the childrens hospitals ive worked in. joint commission has now identified it as a national pt safety goal, so im sure it will show up in all facilities now. but its definitely a good thing, decreasing the amts of codes
  4. by   kleern
    I think there are alot of places putting this into place perhaps a jcaho thing.
  5. by   AlabamaBelle
    Ours is called "PERT" - Pediatric Emergency Response Team. In our facility the RN or MD or the parent may initiate a PERT. The parent lets the nurse know something just doesn't look/feel right. The nurse or MD will then page out a PERT, which goes to the PICU charge RN. Charge and the resident go and assess. We have reduced our number of pediatric codes considerably by earlier interventions.
  6. by   Mimsy909
    Our rapid assessment team is called the FAST team for First Assessment, Stabilization, Transport. The clinical educator and the transport nurse presented the development and concept of the team. They presented at a conference in Denver. Anyone see them? It's similar to what was previously mentioned, no physician's order is needed to initiate the FAST team referral. The PICU charge, transport nurse (if not out on a transport) and PICU 2nd yr. responds, we bring an airway bag and will stay to stabilize if things are going sour. We just need to continue to educate the floor nurses about calling sooner rather than later.
  7. by   kessadawn
    [font="comic sans ms"]we have been using what we call mrt (medical response team) at our children's hospital, and i really believe we have averted some serious problems lately. although, i am pretty sure families aren't aware yet that they can call an mrt, or i'm sure we would have more called. i am all for the mrt, if they're coming to picu anyway, i would really rather the not be coding on the way through the door!