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Hi there you guys. As some of you already know, I'm an OR nurse who graduated in May. I'm researching my options in critical care areas to enter into because of requirements for CRNA school. ... Read More

  1. by   KC CHICK
    Congratulations Anestat on your recent new job and NEW LICENSE!!
    I interviewed for, and received a job offer, in PICU at our local children's hopital in May. Unfortunately, I had to turn it down due to the fact that I would have taken a $4,000.00/year decrease in pay if I had taken it. That hospital does not pay their nurses what they are worth---they are taking care of CHILDREN!!

    Instead, I transferred to the telemetry unit at my hospital and have not regretted the move since. It has been a great experience and I've learned a lot in the few months that I've been there. My next move will be to the ICU sometime after the first of the year hopefully.

    I did contact the local CRNA (Truman School of Nurse Anesthesia)school here in Kansas City before the interviews. They stated that they prefer adult ICU experience over all others, but do consider applicants on a case by case basis. Most of the CRNAs I worked with in surgery did have adult ICU experience. There was only one that had PICU experience.

    Good Luck with your new job and your future career plans!!
  2. by   2banurse
    Although I understand the idea of working in an adult ICU before a PICU to get exposure to a intensive care unit... but how about the fact that children are not just "short adults?" If you have to get floor experience before, isn't it better to go into pediatrics?
  3. by   KC CHICK
    You are mistaken 2banurse. I don't intend to go into pediatrics. My main intent is to get the experience I need in order to get into the CRNA program. Adult ICU is the best route to take in order to do that. PICU would have also been an acceptable experience, but the pay they offered me was NOT acceptable at all.

    And yes, I understand that children are much different than adults. CRNA's do work with children, but not as much as adults. At my hospital, the only times CRNA's work with children are when they are being anesthetized for a tonsillectomy or ear tube placement. It would be different if a CRNA worked at a children's hospital, however, they are trained in their nurse anesthesia programs to work with children.