Pocket Guide For New Grad RN

  1. Hi! I'm starting a pediatric new grad RN program (surgical unit) very soon and I'm looking for some tips on how to be prepared. I'm currently searching for a pediatric pocket guide to carry for a quick reference rather than pulling out my phone. If you have one that you'd recommend, please let me know. Also, any additional new grad tips you'd like to throw my way would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   Nurse Beth

    New grad tips:
    * Never be afraid to ask lots of questions. Preceptors and experienced nurses consider new
    grads who ask questions to be safer than those who don't
    * Introduce yourself to colleagues and doctors
    * You will never intend to make a mistake, but you will. Because we all have. When it
    happens, learn from it, forgive yourself and move forward
    * Remember you make a difference in your patient's lives...even when you don't know it
    * On a discouraging or stressful day, know that this, too, shall pass

    Very best wishes!
  4. by   poppycat
    The pocket guide I love is "Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick". It's pocket-sized & has a wealth of information. I got it from Amazon.
  5. by   oceanblue52
    Obligatory "not a Peds nurse" but I really like the pocket guides called RN notes. The pages are super sturdy and it packs a lot of information in. I used the general one in nursing school. The Ped one is called "Ped Notes" by Luanne Linnard-Palmer.