ETT tape - which brand do you use?

  1. Hello fellow RNs! My unit is researching which ETT tape brand works best for PCICU/PICU patients. We are currently using the 3M Healthcare cloth tape but the majority the nurses on my unit do not like this brand because the adhesive does not stick well to the skin (even post benzoin application) and it tends to stick onto itself when wrapped around the ETT. We are looking for a different brand of cloth tape with better adhesion to the patient and one that is latex-free. We'd love your input on this subject. What brand/type of ETT tape do you use on your unit?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    We use a tape called wet-proof and the brand is Kendall. We really like it in our PICU. We've used other brands but this is the only one we have found that sticks well. We rarely have issues with our ETT's coming loose.
  4. by   darren_callcareer18
    In our hospital we are using an adhesive tape called "leukoplast standard tape". It holds ETT better than to cloth tape.
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We use 3M cloth tape over Mastisol. If the kid will be intubated for more than a few days or is very young, we put Duoderm underneath the tapes to save the skin. Probably 90% of our patients are nasally intubated, which reduces the risk of unplanned extubation and also reduces the tape's exposure to large volumes of moisture. (It does increase the risk of VAP but that seems unimportant to our physicians.) Tapes are changed prn; our incidence of unplanned extubation is very low... <1%.
  6. by   suzy192
    my unit uses leucoplast, its very secure and sticks well to the skin. Only prob is when you have snotty kids, the tape doesnt stick well with excess moisture but then what tape does. The snotty kids just get more frequent retapes. We dont have very many accidental extubations using this tape and we are always quick to retape our tubes post theatre as they use silly tape which we just dont trust.