Changing Specialties

  1. I'm presently a RN on an adult PCU. I commonly see Post op CABGs ( after extubation), vasoactive drips, stable home vented patients and all the other things that come with being on a stepdown unit.

    However, my fiancé and I are moving and I'm seriously considering going into pediatrics. I went to nursing school thinking I wanted to do peds. However, after graduation I didn't feel like that was my calling. I'm now at the point where I realize I don't love my job anymore. I want a change.

    I want to do NICU ( 1st) or PICU. I'm looking into the transition to pediatric nursing program at Children's Medical Center in Omaha. Anyone have any advice? Has anybody made the switch? If so how was it.
    Even if I get a peds job I still plan on working prn on an adult pcu unit in order to keep skills current.
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  3. by   nerdynurse8
    Im currently on a PCU now (in Omaha) and am also looking into switching to PICU or NICU, did you already make the switch? If so how has the transition gone for you?
  4. by   kaldaoud
    I do not know what took me so long to make this change! I should have started in peds. I went into med-surg, cardiac and ED as a new grad thinking this would be a good knowledge base, and it is but I absolutely love working in pediatrics. I oriented and float to NICU and PICU You need to learn about developmental needs of the peds population. I am still learning, doing online modules at the hospital I am at. If you are not sure about things, speak up, ask questions. You may feel as if nurses are judging you at times because of your past knowledge, but being safe is priority!