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Picking a CPNE Ready Date


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So I'm filling out my CPNE application, and I'm wondering what a good guideline is for picking a ready date. The school says 3-4 months, so that puts me at August 1 - September 1.

I'm curious how those of you that have passed the CPNE decided on a ready date. Any insight / suggestions?

I put my ready date as 4 months from my application.. I think it's a good amount of time to study. Most of the time the dates are like 6 months after though (I applied in NPAC December 2013, and wrote ready for March 2014 but got a date for June 2014). It depends on your confidence level, study habit and schedule, but once you feel ready the waiting can make you crazy so I say it's better to take an early date that you can cancel in advance and move to a later date.


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Agree with previous post. I put that I was ready 2 months out. Once it exceeded that time I began calling for cancellations and quickly accepted the first one offered. The wait is terrible and to me added more stress. It's a complete personal preference. Keep in mind that once you get a date you don't have to accept it if you don't feel ready.

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Thanks for the responses! Looks like I'm going with Aug. 1. Will be testing someplace in NPAC, so want to hopefully get it done before the worst of winter weather sets in.

Just submitted my application for NPAC and I put three months from now, thinking about it makes me want to barf!