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I was always told to do PICC + extension tubing + Clave. I had another nurse who told me I need to do PICC + clave + Extension Tubing +Clave. I can't find anything about this in the procedures/protocols. What is the correct way to set up extension tubing? I didn't think there is a need for clave in between PICC and extension tubing.


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I’ve never seen extension tubing used on a PICC. What kind of setting is this in?


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7 hours ago, LovingLife123 said:

I’ve never seen extension tubing used on a PICC. What kind of setting is this in?

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Put my prior homcare IV infusion hat on: What does your agency PICC line policy state??? If you agency doesn't have a policy, request Infusion providers policy.

PICC + extension tubing + Clave is indicated on a PICC line has been my experience with 3 homecare IV infusion companies policies.

Extension tubing purpose is to extend IV line tubing so patients won't pull directly on PICC line insertion site for homecare patients.

Purpose of the clave is to permit needleless access to IV line for flushes and attaching IV infusions and can be easily cleaned with alcohol pad "allows needleless intermittent withdrawal of solution through a swabable Luer-activated valve" ---serves no purpose to be located prior to extension set unless rare patient is prone to tugging/pulling on extension set disconnecting it from PICC. Waste of money otherwise,


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It should always be PICC + extension + needleless connector (clave).