Physical requirements to be an Army nurse

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I'm interested in becoming an Army nurse in the future but I have an elbow injury. for my dad to day life I'm fine but once and a while after a workout I'm sore. I know the Nurses Corps doesn't go to boot camp, but what are the physical requirements?

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The Army Nurse Corps goes to Officer Basic Leadership Course (OBLC), which does have physical activities and standards -- you have to run two miles and also do the appropriate amount of push-ups and sit-ups based on age and gender.

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Also you will be required to qualify with a M16 A2 rifle in a prone position, which means that a lot of your weight will be on your elbows, and you will be attempting to acquire targets at the same time. It is not a very difficult task, and you can use elbow pads, but depending on the nature of your injury it could be problematic for you.

Depending on the type of unit you are assigned, FST (Forward Surgical Team), CSH(Combat Support Hospital) vs Hospital or clinic you could be doing more physical activities and field tasks.

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