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Greetings all!

I realized yesterday during a pt test for a hospital job, that I need to be in better shape. I was wondering if anybody had any sites that have specific workouts or ideas for those that push, pull, lift, move, pts. Better shape could mean no back injuries.

Thanks in advance,


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Alright Ed - what kind of PT test did you have to do for this job???


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Nothing hard, just made me realize I will need to shapen up other muscles. I had to do two reps of 50# from floor to waist. Carry 30# 30' and back. Two reps of 10# from shelve to top shelve. Push a weighted skid 30' and then pull backwards twice. Lift a pt from a seated position up and then pivot them back down to another seat. Pull a pt from a waist postion towards me 4 feet. I did it easily and aftewards I could see where each station was used to simpulate a task on a hospital floor. Like I said, this just made me realize I need to intensify a few muscles.


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Hey Ed, will have everything you need.

Good Luck,


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Prevention has a good website for basic weight training. They had an issue a couple of months ago that had a good, basic program to build strength. It might be in their archives.


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Think about your heart. If you FEEL your heart is a-ok, then start amking it go at doubletime and start breathing. Feel comfortable with your heart, and what it does, then begin resistance training with either weights, machines, bands, bars, etc... If you live way out in the sticks, you can make your own gym and routine. Joining a gym, esp with a steam room and whirlpool, etc, can do it too

It's your heart thats your guide. Good luck. Try to safely drip sweat a an indication of progress.

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