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PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls


Hey everyone!

I found one topic on this, but it wasn't very active, so I hope this one becomes a little more successful. My name is Jennifer, and I am applying for the January 2015 Nursing Program at PHSC. My home campus is Porter at Wiregrass Ranch. Are there any other 2015 hopefuls? I'd like to get to know you all! I am taking my TEAS next Tuesday and am so nervous. This will be my first time taking the TEAS. Have any of you taken it? How was it?

Any tips? I have finished all me pre-reqs and finished with a 3.6. Not too bad, wish I would have got higher! Hope I get in! Good luck to all you ladies!


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I am going to apply for RN program. I go the the West campus. I just took the TEAS test last week and did not do great. I scored a 64.7. I took the test blind so I can get an idea what I need to work on. I will be taking it one more time before I put my application in. I borrowed a TEAS study book from a friend that coinsides with the test. My pre-req GPA is only a 3.2 so I am hoping if I score higher on the TEAS I will have a better chance. Good luck when you take yours.

Hey Sharona918!

I am also applying for the RN program. My home campus is Porter at Wiregrass, but I wouldn't mind going to the West Campus, being that it is the same distance. Maybe i'll see you there! I'd be willing to take either location if I were to get in. I've been studying a little bit, but I'm basically taking it this coming Tuesday so I am also able to gauge where I am at and what I need to work on. If I don't do good this time, I will also take it one more time before I apply. I really hope to find more hopefuls applying for 2015.

Good luck in everything!

I applied for the 2014-2015 fall program for both RN and LPN but i was accepted into the LPN for fall 2014. My stats for the teas was a 72 and a 3.2 GPA. I really just went for it because I didnt think my stats would get me into either program. To say the least I was overjoyed to get into the program and start August 25th. With your GPA i would say u have a great chance. The teas practice handbook is a great source. I just didnt use it as much as I should have. Good Luck and in my opinion its really just a pool lottery.

I am a 2015 hopeful as well. Retaking the TEAS in Sep. i studied from the mcGraw practice book but just ordered the ATI. What do you think was hard about the Teas? Science was a nightmare for me and My mind went blank when i got to the math part. Hopefully we both do amazing the second time around. My home campus is EC but wouldn't mind going to Porter same distance I live in Zhills and the daycares in WC are way better if I get accepted for me to put my daughter in 1. I am so nervous. Does anyone know how many seats are open for the Rn program and what PHSC minimum score is for the Teas?

I found the Science hard. The math wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I am going to retake it at the end of the month. The ATI book is really good. I borrowed it from a friend and it makes things a little easier to understand. I keep hearing that they accept 75 people for the January program. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. The lady told me 58.7 is what you need to be allowed to apply for the program.

Good luck taking the Teas.

Thank you! GL getting into the program as well!

I took the TEAs today and got what you need to score to apply into the program, but I was not happy at all. I studied for about 1.5 months using the McGraw book and the ATI study manual. I also used some online sources that I actually found from this site. I am hoping to get into the PHSC west campus ( my home campus) RN program in spring 2015. I know that the application and website says you need just a proficient.. (which i got :( ...) and a GPA of at least 2.5 to apply ( I have a way higher GPA than that).. but anyone have any idea what the normal average GPA or TEAs score people have been getting accepted with? I keep seeing that apparently if you get in the 60's-70's for a score on the TEAs that its really good!? That is mind boggling to me that a normal score that isn't wonderful, is amazing with this test. I found I was running out of time with the Math section, because I was trying to be critical and take my time. The math was my worst section . Science I found some questions a little difficult and a bit random; I was not expecting some of the questions. I hope to be able to meet you all in the Spring- Good luck with the process! :)

When I took it I studied from the mCgraw but didnt feel like it was the same as the test. I focused a lot on verbs, nouns, etc for the english but didnt get any questions regarding that. Do you feel like the ATI was more helpful?

@sweet101.. I used the McGraw book after I used the ATI one.. The only thing I don't like about the McGraw book is, it literally is just All practice tests.. With the ATI after taking tests or even doing the practice questions whatever answers I got wrong I could refer back to the material and re- read it and understand it better

Yea I think im going to refer to the ATI since I got my results and just focus on what I need to work on better.

Fall 2015 hopeful - taking my last prereq this Fall (2014). So far my GPA is 4.0 let's hope it stays that way. Good luck to all the Spring hopefuls :)

I'm going to be applying for the nursing program for spring my GPA is 4.0 and I am taking my teas in ten days I've scored only a 63 tho on the practice TEAS test thru ATI online so I'm nervous my TEAS score may hold me back my primary campus is west campus

Hey Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been active! I've been super busy with my son, and trying to study for my next TEAS test on Sept 2nd! My first TEAS I got a 65, which I am not at ALL happy with. I ran out of time with the math part, and the science part questions were a bit tricky. Now that I know what to expect on the test and what I needed to work on, hopefully it'll be a bit easier.

It's so nice to meet you all. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said one of his friends applied with a 3.6 GPA and a 82 TEAS score and it took her 3 attempts to get in! :nailbiting: Not sure if it will be the same this time, though.

As for the study materials, I have the ATI book and I actually found it quite helpful. I just bought the Mcgraw practice test book, and I'm hoping that is helpful too. What have you guys found helpful when it comes to studying for the TEAS? Looking forward to hearing/meeting you all! Sweet101, I live close to Zhills as well. How old is your daughter?


She is 15 mos and I also have a 4 year old son.Wbu? It's def hard finding time to study with kids. I just got the ATI. The first time I took the test I used the McGraw book. The science was def tough and I really struggled with the chemistry questions. Im applying for the RN for Spring. I read a bunch of threads. A lot of people got accepted with lower Gpa's and Teas scores, it's really hard to tell who they accept bc of having so many applicants. Nice to meet everyone as well :)


My son will be 16 mos on the 22nd! :] I can definitely relate trying to find time to study with the kids. What did you say your home campus was again? I am also applying for the RN in Spring. Hopefully we'll both get in! It would be awesome to meet you, and maybe have play dates, study dates in the future, haha. I'm new to the area, so I don't have a lot of friends here, especially people with kids ^^

That sounds awesome. Where did you move from? I really hope we get accepted. I'm dying knowing I have 1 more shot at the Teas to be accepted for Spring. East Campus! How about you?

I just moved here from Washington State! I go to Porter Campus! :]