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I have a phone interview tomorrow (hey!), and I'm curious if anyone else has had any, and if they followed the general in-person interview script. I'm not sure how to prepare, frankly.

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To prepare for your phone interview, I would prepare the same way as you would an in-person interview. Make sure you are in a quiet area with no distractions (especially not the bathroom!). Have your resume, references and the hospital website in front of you. It would be better to research the hospital first - look at their history, values and mission.

The questions I was asked where typically behavioral type questions - "how did you handle stress?" or "how did you resolve conflict?" I did have a couple of clinical-type question about advocacy and experiences, but I think it was more focused on my personality. The in-person interviews I had so far had a combination of behavioral and clinical type questions.

Most importantly, be genuine. If they ask you about your weakness, tell them at least one and how you are managing it to improve yourself.Hope this helps!

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Prepare just like you would for a real interview. Brush up on some of the more common interview questions and have some responses prepared. Think about some clinical situations that you've encountered that you can use to highlight your strengths and answer questions like "describe a time you've had a conflict with a co-worker."

Dress professionally for the interview. If you dress professionally, you'll feel more professional and that will come across in your voice. Sit in a straight-backed chair- not on the couch or bed and don't walk around during the interview. Eliminate all background noise like TV, radio, road noise, etc. Smile when you speak on the phone. Use a land line for the call, if possible, or make sure that you have good cell phone reception. Speak slowly and clearly, and loud enough to be easily heard without shouting. It's harder to understand conversations on the telephone, and you want to make sure you are understood.

Have a list of questions in front of you that you want to ask. Also have your resume in front of you so you can refer to your qualifications. Good luck.

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Woohoo, I have an in-person interview this week! Guess I have to brush off my portfolio and buy some clothes. Blech. I'ma spend the next few days practicing that conflict c coworker answer, because it was pathetic.

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