Phone Interview for New Grad Residency Program


Hi all. Soone to be new grad. Applied for a residency program and to my dismay they called today to set up a telephone interview.

Do you guys have any opinions/advice on the type of questions they will ask or how I can best prepare? :)

Thanks so much!!..

(I saw a few threads about interview questions but I thought the nature of this interview being a little different than a traditional job interview may change things up a bit??)

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Congrats on getting a phone interview!

I recently had one of these and I was asked pretty basic questions. I'll list what I specifically remember:

1. Why did you move to the area? (I had recently relocated.)

2. What were your strengths in clinical?

3. What were you weaknesses in clinical?

4. Are you aware of what the position entails, including the hours?

5. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

(I stress in clinical for number 3 and 4 because I was expecting questions geared about my work experience... It threw me for a bit of a loop... Keep in mind my work experience was not related to the medical field at all!)

That was basically it. Mine was very brief and to the point. Your goal in a telephone interview is to get an in person interview. Lots of places are using this technique to weed people out. Treat this is a real interview! Eat correctly, be prepared, and even dress professionally!

There is tons of information out there about telephone interviews specifically. I suggest you try google.. Tons will pop up!

Above all, don't forget to ask, "When can I meet with you for an in person interview?"

Good luck!!!!


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Thank you for your reply :)

I will do exactly as you suggested :)

I will let you know how it pans out!!

I am of course honored to have even been contacted at all so its already a win as far as I am concerned :)


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Please do let me know how it goes! Wishing you well!