Philly and Surrounding Area Job Market Updates?

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Just looking for some insight into the market in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas as I have been out of the loop for about 4 years now. Previously, I lived in Philly for most of my life. We are looking into possibly moving back home to PA from NC and I'm trying to do my due diligence now as my partner has received a pretty decent job offer with his old employer.

I am a diploma RN currently 6 classes away from my BSN (due to graduate in August 2019). Is the area still pretty BSN driven? I currently work for a Magnet Level 1 Trauma Center in North Carolina looking for PACU or ICU positions with about 2 years of experience. I'm looking at working at a hospital of similar caliber in Philly. I am in the process of obtaining my PA license and it's my understanding that I shouldn't even think about applying until I have that license. Will no BSN hold me back for the time being?

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Not having a BSN will definitely hold you back in Philly. Most of the hospitals already requires it when I graduated in 2010 and that number has increased (the hospital I started at did not require a bsn when I started but did 2 years later. I don't know the breakdown exactly and with experience it shouldn't be impossible but it will definitely limit your options.

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