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Hi everyone! 

Looking for some advice starting as a new nurse this September in the philly area. I'm super interested in peds (PICU especially) but starting to get frustrated applying. I've heard CHOP is on a hiring freeze for the foreseeable future. There doesn't seem to be much else available as of now at St. Chris/Cooper/Nemours etc. in the peds world. Does anyone have any insight or advice on starting in peds around philly? Should I give up start applying for ED/ICU and hope to transfer in a year or two? 

Specializes in EMT since 92, Paramedic since 97, RN and PHRN 2021.

I live in NE Philly and the one thing I have noticed is that it's a long shot to get into a peds hospital.  Just the nature of the patients requires one to be very attuned to any subtle changes because most of the patients cannot speak for themselves.


    I would try to get into a hospital and work the ER or, if youre lucky, the ICU. Once you get some mileage on your nursing license your odds go up a lot to get into a peds facility.

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