Philly Area 2016 Accelerated Nursing Programs, help!


Hey Philly-area-interested prospective students, starting this thread for anyone with information about application deadlines, tips, advice etc. I'm interested in applying to Jefferson FACT 2 year, Drexel ACE, and UPenn Accelerated Nursing Program and I haven't been able to find much concrete information about the application deadlines or when the application season opens. Thanks!!!

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Go to their websites or better yet attend their open house events. You need to know the program by attenting their sessions anyways.


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Drexel's should be open for next fall- they do rolling admissions.

I found this by googling "Jefferson fact application deadline" FACT - Thomas Jefferson University - Thomas Jefferson University

i hope ope you've called the schools and looked into going to info sessions.

The programs all have their own unique features. I know 1 of those schools has "high stakes testing", another doesn't, and third I don't know about. If you don't know what high stakes testing is you need to do your research and consider it carefully.

You also need to make sure you look at the length of the program, the number of credits you take over the course of the program (once again one program requires 60ish credits and another requires 80ish and not sure about the 3rd), and the overall cost of the program.