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I am a US citizen who is thinking of enrolling in the Philipine PAramedical and Technical School ASN RN program, where the theory is done online, but I have to go back to the philippine for the clinical portion. The curriculum is very extensive and is US based. I want to know if there is anybody who is already enrolled in this school and can they share their experience? Has anybody completed, about to take the NCLEX or are planning to take the NCLEX here in the US. Please let me know, I want to know more. Thank you

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I would say you need to check with your state nursing board that this is acceptable. I would hate for you to spend time and money and then the BON refuse you.


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I have already check with MAryland Board of Nursing and Virginia Board of nursing, and they said, as long as the school is accredited in the philippine that's fine. After the program completion, my transcript will be evaluated my the evaluation agency and then I present that to the board along with pertinent information to take the board for the NCLEX-RN

I then called TESDA at Davao, and I was told the school was accredited. I was just hoping to find somebody who is enrolled with them or has completed the course

Thank you


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hey Hilda,

i have also been inquiring about this course with ppts but i have not really confirmed whether this will work here in the US. if you wish to communicate with me regarding this, email me privately at [email protected] . i may have some info to share with you as i also intend to take this course the soonest. regards.


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hi i'm shynne, and i recently graduated from PPTS. If your asking for NCLEX passers from my school there are Four I think...:zzzzz I'm planning on taking the exam but my aunt said that i dnt need to if i'm going to UK, but i'm still going to take it maybe next year. We have all major subjects in nursing plus some minor such as US history, english, spanish, socio. Bcoz it a US curriculum that why there is US history. if you want to knw more go to

Oh! if your wondering why there is only four NCLEX passers is bcoz of financial prob, dnt need too, cant pass, lazy. And mosly bcoz we have little population and its getting lesser as the program continue. Example in davao there are 30 student enrolled, by the time they graduated in PN, there were 12 left and not all proceed to ASN. Only 4-8 students graduates in ASN. :( In my class, were only 8.


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I also want to know if there's a ppts asn rn graduate who is currently licensed in the US. I heard graduates who are licensed in other countries but in the US, not really sure..


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I'm also interested in this school but I'm not sure if it's accredited at B.O.N California.

I'm still puzzled to which school will I attend to. I'm an LVN for more than 2 years now and planning to go back home (Philippine) for bachelor's degree or even associate if there's any.

Any recommendations guys?


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I am almost half way through, I have to take my final exam, then I am done with the online portion of the RN program, am preparing to go to the Philippine. Overall this was a good program. PPT is a good school.


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hello guys, I am a graduate of PPTS-ASN program in the philippines last 2008 and currently working as an RN in one of the hospital here in the US. Based on my experience as long as you have your diploma, pass ur NCLEX RN and have your license your good to go. And it is recommended to US citizens, immigrants or those who have a family petition because you dont have to wait for a visa, you dont need to take the local boards, CGFNS and IELTS. So study hard to pass ur NCLEX.:)


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Hi, My wife is an online student with PPTS Davao and she is about half way through the academic portion of her study and we have been generally satisfied with PPTS thus far, sometimes their turn around is a little slow (based on US expectations anyway!)

We found out from TESDA that PPTS Davao does not have a current license and we confirmed this with a PPTS administrator who said it was due to a change in ownership of the school and TESDA recertification is in process. It has been a couple of months (Jan 2011) and we are awaiting the confirmation of TESDA licensing.

There is also a PPTS school in Cebu which offers online study and they have a current license from TESDA.

Online nursing study is an absolutely perfect way to accomplish the academic portion of nursing school requirements, very flexible way to blend study with other work/family requirements for anyone who is serious & organized.

PPTS Davao actually charges higher tuition for online study but still very reasonable by US standards.

Good luck to all pursuing this noble profession!


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PPTS Davao has updated their website with a link to TESDA, apparently they got their registration renewed.

I suggest that you confirm in writing via email that they have all required documents now. They offer several advantages with online study and ladderized program, you just need to stay focused and apply the effort necessary to pass the challenge exam!

Good luck.

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